ACTION CANNON Lyrics by BVDLVD, Synsy is brand new song sung by BVDLVD, Synsy and music of this latest song is given by Jon Cass. ACTION CANNON song lyrics are also penned down by BVDLVD, Synsy.


Singer: BVDLVD, Synsy
Music: Jon Cass
Lyrics: BVDLVD, Synsy
Album: LOUD ‘N’ SHORT (2024)


Thorpe park how I’m everyone’s nemesis
Prejudice to every single soul in my render distance
Any d!ckhead wanna test me
A f**kin brudda get checked for the crap that he flex
He get shot, head rocked from the amp
You won’t ever have a f**king vid with a tank
I can make a milli, lookin silly, you a tramp
And you might be surprised by the p’s in my bank. (Balance)
Go pro fam I’m an action cannon
Blam to your skell
Brain don’t matter got talent in my cells
My connection well
Bot-net imma send your network hell

Consistent, now I keep these men distant
Been back running the defence like Distin
Competition minimal, gone in an instant
Causing Hazard’s when I’m kicking the assistance
Iron on me and the hammer, staying match fit
Lights in the flame, bring smoke like a matchstick
Hattrick 4-5 to your face Maradona
Ayo BVDLVD get the marijuana
Splendid, now we onto the next one
My right hand give em bare slaps till their head gone
Knock a man down down down like he Jay Sean

Issa two hitter
Wonder why everyone’s shook ’cause I’m no quitter
They too depressed, why they so bitter
Sitting at home, google chrome
All alone, tuggin on they f**kin bone
Ha, go figure
Dome splitter, ice chrome froze like a cold winter
The b!tch a hoe I’ll expose any gold digger
F**k it, every hoe a gold digger
If the table go a bill then it’s your dinner (b!tch)
I been up too long
I been up all night with a b!tch kick her out now she long gone
Bro bros tired, sleep deprived after miles and miles of carrying a scene

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