Black & Tan Lyrics – YT

Black & Tan Lyrics by YT, Lancey Foux is brand new song sung by YT, Lancey Foux and music of this latest song is given by Ambezza, ​kaaj, ​bass, ​leqn. Black & Tan song lyrics are also penned down by YT, Lancey Foux.


Song: Black & Tan
Singer: YT, Lancey Foux
Music: Ambezza, ​kaaj, ​bass, ​leqn
Lyrics: YT, Lancey Foux

Black & Tan Lyrics

Some my girls are black, some my girls are tan
Why’s this shorty posing like she don’t know who I am?
Last year I was bummy, check me now, I’ve got some bands
Shorty tryna kick it, she must think I’m Jackie Chan (Oi!)
Spe-Spend a couple grand
Wake up check my balance, damn, I spent a couple grand
Book a flight to SA, I might spend a couple rand
2 baddies double Dutch, I might take a trip to ‘Dam, ‘Dam, ‘Dam
Da-Da-Da-Damn, I think she like my swag
Is it ’cause she know my name, is it ’cause she like my swag?
Think I’m flexing, but I’m humble man, imagine if I bragged
Million views and I never bought no promo or an ad
Who’s that standin’—who’s that standin’ over there, she kinda bad
So much money in my pockets, got no option but to sag

So much money in my pockets, now she calling me her man
She let me hit it, let me bomb it, now she calling me Saddam
I just hit the beach and I took away the sand
Stampin’ my feet, and I took away the ground
She askin’ who we be, and I told her we the sound
I called up my accountant and I said I need it now
Mercedes GLE or GLS, I make it bounce
Miami, Tennessee or Surrey Quays, I make it bounce
Every single ting gon’ pop out when I’m in the town
She must’ve graduated, only seen her in a gown
I push up on her, she pull every face except a frown (Oi!)

Did a show in Canada, I’m turning dollars into pounds
Stoney compass on me, I was lost, now I’m found
Walk out Michelin’s then tell the valet, “Bring it ’round”
G-G-Graduate from Oxford, thank my God up in the clouds
Load out CPS, my n!ggas really clicking with their mouse
Damn, you’re still in her DM’s when I’m nappin’ in her house
If you see me then I’m swaggin’, not a shadow of a doubt
Not a shadow of a doubt, not a shadow of a doubt
Shorty on me ’cause I’m rappin’, shorty on me for the clout
I’m in Ikoyi in Lagos spendin’ very large amounts
I might fly to Montréal, cop some JJJJound

I might buy the neighbours house if they tell me, “Turn it down”
I might never leave the house, I got money comin’ ’round
I might never need a house ’cause I’m comfy ’round the globe
You might never hear a shout, ’cause I kiss and never told
Green alligator Birkin, make her kiss a toad
First I heat her up and get her wet, and then she froze
I don’t know these n!ggas, tell me where these n!ggas from
Never seen you in the train, I never seen you in the zone
You weren’t on the train, you weren’t confiscating phones
You ain’t never trapped in Paris, Mr. Monsieur (Yeah)
Huh, I just took a baddie off the shoppin’ mall floor
Uh, say she want a date, so I took her on tour

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