Bring It Back Golden Lyrics – Goldenboy Countup

Bring It Back Golden lyrics penned by GoldenBoy CountUp, music composed by GoldenBoy CountUp, and sung by GoldenBoy CountUp from album Chicken Man 2 (2021).


Song: Bring It Back Golden
Singer: GoldenBoy CountUp
Music: GoldenBoy CountUp
Lyrics: GoldenBoy CountUp
Album: Chicken Man 2 (2021)

Bring It Back Golden Lyrics

Big Chicken sh!t N*gga
GoldenBoy CountUp I’m dat muhf*ckin N*gga
I’m the hardest N*gga out, N*gga
I said it, N*gga what the f*ck
Raw sh!t, N*gga
Straight out the D N*gga, D County N*gga, Central Florida N*gga
Aye, We at the muhf*ckin trap. I just backed in N*gga
Got that thang on my lap, yuh feel me
I’m bust down King, wholesale King

Versace on me N*gga, I pulled the peezy out the wrap
G*cci hat cooking up this dope, N*gga this slap
Golden doin’ shows but he a certified Trappa
Yeah that n*gga got them M’s but he a certified capper
I got my stick, I’m in a Rolls, you see the stars on the ceiling
I got my teeth white and rose, plus my chain this a sixty
N*gga, I can’t f*ck no average hoe cause you know Golden real picky
N*gga, I’ll teach you N*ggas a route, you ain’ even know existed
And my lil N*gga from the O, he ain’ never been to Disney
And my lil N*ggas up in Broward, they be standing on that business
And them lil N*ggas down St. Pete, really sellin’ chicken
And them lil N*gga up Tallahassee really havin’ millions
“Oh My God, Now Bring It Back Golden!”
B*tch I’m from the D where them N*ggas got that crack on ’em
If you got some money then lil N*gga I put a sack on you
Where I from you better have some money or they gone crack on you

F*ck, GoldenBoy CountUp Boy You The F*ckin’ Sh*t, N*gga
You Make A n*gga Just Want To Jump In That Muhf*ckin’ Coupe and Wreck That b!tch
Make A N*gga Want To Leave They b!tch and Go To Another N*gga B*tch
Make A N*gga Want To Start Selling Dope, Been Working All My Life

I know some N*ggas scamming making millions in a Tesla
And when I walk inside your crib, b*tch my forty on yo dressa’
And you gone think a N*gga Matt Hardy, jumpin’ off this dressa’
I’m dat N*gga, he ain’ paying rent, send em to the shelter
Jit I’m pissed off, I just got some coke on my Louis shirt
N*gga, I might slap you with a brick, ask you “Do it work?”
Yo b!tch ate me up, I got ashes on my Gucci shirt
My lil dawg grew up in the church, serve the whole church
N*gga, can’t be running after hoes, gotta handle business
You ain’ hit them N*ggas the first time, better keep spinning
F*ck N*ggas tried to hold me down but I keep winning
F*ck N*ggas, I’m really up now, this just the beginning
Got my young b*tch with me, sliding in a Hellcat
Had my migo dawg wit’ me sliding, bringing bales back
I use to front n*ggas, bet them f*ck N*ggas won’t tell that
‘Member I was up, early mornings, like “Where that mail at?”
Dawg need some bricks, call amigos
Bruh I need a b*tch, mmm, Casamigos
Golden you a fly ass n*gga, you worth Kilo’s
Standing in the middle of the Trap, playing C-Low

Oh My God, GoldenBoy CountUp Boy You The Muhf*ckin’ N*gga I Swea’ To God
Popeyes, KFC, All Them Chicken Places So Mad At You, They Ain In The Streets
You Do Yo Muhf*ckin’ Thing

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