BTA Freestyle Lyrics – Babyfxce E

BTA Freestyle Lyrics by Babyfxce E is brand new song sung by Babyfxce E and music of this latest song is given by JayTheProducer. BTA Freestyle song lyrics are also penned down by Babyfxce E.


Song: BTA Freestyle
Singer: Babyfxce E
Music: JayTheProducer
Lyrics: Babyfxce E

BTA Freestyle Lyrics

(I ain’t gon’ lie, you tripped on this b!tch, Jay)
I ain’t been in the booth like a week, I got a lot to say
I ain’t been, been up in the—
Hold on, hey

I ain’t been in the booth in like a week, I got a lot to say
Grown as hell, I got my own bills, I got a lot to pay
Broke jumpers, y’all can’t shoot for sh!t, y’all better cop a J
Letter after J, the next thing I’m coppin’ is a K
N!gga, I can shoot the video and drop this b!tch today
Money on his head, drop his a$$ and I’ma get you paid
Once you fall back in that water, you ain’t gettin’ saved
This sh!t deep, n!gga, you ain’t gettin’ baptized
K hit his stomach, now it’s comin’ out his backside
Left lacking on the Eastside, now his Scat mine
Same clothes from yesterday, n!gga, I’m a trap god
Glock grip like a Desert 10 with a black slide
B!tch, I’m only going up, I don’t backslide
You can’t just be pullin’ up because we fap guys
Skinny n!gga, but I’m chunky on the rack side
They won’t free D-Tay, man, I’m finna break him out
She so cold, I don’t really know if I’ma take it out
N!gga, we already know that you a ho, bruh, you can’t fake it now
Why I put this money in my pants? Now I can’t take it out
My cup spilled and got over my skin, now I’m breakin’ out
Fft, fft, fft
Once you hear that b!tch spittin’, it might be too late
Put that belt to his a$$, we call that BTA
And my n!gga trained to kill, we call that TTK
Brodie bringin’ back that sh!t, what’s your ETA?
She think she f**kin’ me tonight, but she eatin’ Fre
Had to calm down, I was drinkin’ like a three a day
He wasn’t at his crib yesterday, I’m finna see today
I’m startin’ to see n!ggas think that they can f**k with me
You think you turnt now ’cause you got a couple streams
You want Fxce, ho, you gon’ have to pull a couple strings
She said, “Let’s watch Purple,” and it remind me of my cup of lean
I can’t f**kin’ think
Louis shades on, you won’t see me if I’m f**kin’ sleep
If it ain’t no green, then it probably ain’t my cup of tea
Thought bro was beefin’ with Amiri, he always punchin’ jeans

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