DGK Lyrics – EBK Jaaybo

DGK Lyrics by EBK Jaaybo is brand new song sung by EBK Jaaybo and music of this latest song is given by BrodyGotBandzz. DGK song lyrics are also penned down by EBK Jaaybo.


Song: DGK
Singer: EBK Jaaybo
Music: BrodyGotBandzz
Lyrics: EBK Jaaybo
Album: Letter 4 the Streets (2021)

DGK Lyrics

(Aye) Aye
(Yeah, Southeast, n!gga)
(Nightingale) Southeast, n!gga
Aye (Aye)

Lil Maxx a dirty n!gga with the chop on him (He a dirty boy)
He need some home trainin’ (Need some home training)
Dropped a hundred 223s where them n!ggas hanging
On Seventh Street with the thugs, that’s the real Seven (Brody, come in here)
Leave it alone? n!gga, please, I’m up to 211 (I’m up to 211)
Southeast, Nightingale, come and bend the block (Southeast, bend the block)
They think I’m posted on the J when I’m really not (We really not though)
Catch me in the—with Rozay or lil Milly Rock (In the—or lil Milly Rock)
They taking credit, we the ones that got the city hot (They taking credit, we got the city turnt)
Pushing through the South with my hoodie on (With my hoodie on)
Bendin’ blocks, I’m just tryna get my boogie on (Get my boogie on)
He still alive, how the f*ck them n!ggas cook him wrong? (He still alive)
Aye, how the f*ck them n!ggas cook him wrong?
Why these n!ggas acting like they pulling skits? Must be for the b!tch
You beat my a$$ in juvenile, where does that exist? (What?)
Ain’t tryna say I got hands (No, I’m not), but blood a Mexican (He a Mexican though)
Aye, Madmaxx, they shooter gone, them n!ggas hella sick (These n!ggas hella sad)
Have a celebration, I be happy when a sucker die (I be happy when a sucker go)
My n!gga Benz just touched down, he said he tryna slide (He said he tryna spin)
That love song sh!t was cool, I’m back on my sh!t (I’m back on that sh!t)
Somebody tell the Mob n!ggas get up off my d!ck (Them n!ggas hella broke)
Aye, red beam on the Drakey, she a damu (She a Piru)
You said you popped a HotBoii, who you lying to? (Blood, who you lying to?)
Manchester hella dry, where the roaches at? (Aye, where the roaches at?)
And how you making diss songs and we don’t know your a$$? (And we don’t even know blood)
They say I told, they say I’m broke and we ain’t outside (They saying hella sh!t)
I let them tell it, we ain’t never on the Southside (They ain’t never in the Southeast)
Mm-hmm, yeah, all that, n!gga, f*ck your mama (Aye, f*ck that b!tch though)
And keep that b!tch in the house before my youngin pop her
My Drakey hold nines and forties you ain’t never seen (You ain’t never seen)
She said she know a spot that’s boomin’, set her down in Cleveland (I sent her down, n!gga)
G23, brand new but it’s just for the weekend (It’s just for the day)
It’s gon’ be dirty by tomorrow, I can’t plan to keep it (I can’t plan to keep it)
I’m from the land where you get smoked just for looking wrong (Just for looking wrong)
Beat they block down just ’cause a post, I guess we took it wrong (Beat it up, bouncing out)
They kickin’ in my lil brother door talking ’bout a M (Free lil Maxx, n!gga)
Free lil Maxx out that cage so we could slide again (21-Double-0)
Baby, why you talking all these bands if you can’t give me something? (If you can’t give me something)
Cut her off, she got that loan and she didn’t give me nothing (Why you can’t give me something?)
I’m just a baby, how the f*ck I’m finna get me one? (How the f*ck I’m finna get me one?)
Let’s negotiate a price and maybe we can f*ck (And maybe we can f*ck)
My lil n!gga bouncing out, he tryna get him one (He tryna get him one)
Don’t matter what that n!gga did, lil bro gon’ get it done (Lil bro gon’ get it done)
You hear that—shh—then that—n!ggas better run (n!ggas better run, aye)
On 21, n!gga (On 21, n!gga)

Aye (EBK, n!gga)
Free the team, n!gga (Free Lil Play)
Southeast, n!gga
Free lil Madmaxx, n!gga ([?] and all that)
Still stepping on these n!ggas though, on God
(f*ck you sucker a$$ n!ggas though, n!gga)
Posted on the [?] with the [?]
Aye, aye, I’m tryna knock a n!gga face off, aye

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