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Finesse Da Glo Lyrics by GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes is brand new song sung by GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes and music of this latest song is given by ​d.a. got that dope. Finesse Da Glo song lyrics are also penned down by GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes, Alex Villasana, ​d.a. got that dope.


Song: Finesse Da Glo
Singer: GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes
Music: ​d.a. got that dope
Lyrics: GloRilla, Finesse2Tymes, Alex Villasana, ​d.a. got that dope
Album: Ehhthang Ehhthang (2024)

Finesse Da Glo Lyrics

Two of ’em
(d.a. got that dope)

I don’t do the friend
(Don’t call me your friend)
I don’t do the buddy (I am not your buddy)
Don’t need you to cook, don’t need you to clean, pull up, we f*cking
(Pull up and get out of here, gone)
I pour a four in a peach Arizona
I hit her raw and got caught in the moment (Oops)
I got her saying she love me
B!tch, how you love me and don’t even know me? (Ah)
Bought her some Maison Margiela
And now I can f*ck her whenever (Whenever I want her)
Speed up on the Addy, slow it down on the Tesla (This a Percocet 30)
I’m looking through the Bulgari, sorry, but I can tell you ‘flaging (You cap)
Like, free Black Haven, free Big Larry (They fed), they really was mobbing (Mob)
F*ck a vouch (f*ck that), break them fifties out, f*ck a house
Hit my man (Boom), all you see is shells jumping out (Jumping out)
We the Klan (Aryan Nation), I don’t f*ck with n!ggas, KKK (KKK)
And if it wasn’t for choppers, man, I probably wouldn’t be here today

Get your ho and tell her to pipe down with her lil’ ugly a$$
Let’s go stack for stack, not body for body with your little f*ckin’ a$$
I ain’t botherin’ nobody, if they throwin’ shots
You know that I’m busting back (Baow, baow, baow)
He thinking he doing somethin’ ’til I turn around, then just get to f*cking back
I know you watchin’, like some pictures since you lurkin’ (Ayy)
Raw as hell, gotta come see it in person (Come here)
It’s that Leo in me, I don’t want you, I’m just flirtin’
b!tch, we get sh!t done, we not post it, but we workin’ (On gang)

Okay, your b!tch want me (Don’t it?)
You caught her likin’ all my pics and you was sick, wasn’t it? (Huh?)
Why you keep blowin’ up my phone? You want some d!ck, don’t it? (I know it)
The way she made her pu$$y squirt, I thought she p!ssed on me, goddamn, your pu$$y wet
Okay, I lost the ho (What happened?), but knocked two more hoes the same day (Two times)
Favoritism? (Ooh) I treat all hoes the same way (The same way)
Say I’m a trick? (Never) Ho, a lie ain’t sh!t to tell (Tell)
You been selling pu$$y ten years and you still broke as hell (That’s crazy)

Your whole clique want me (I stamp it)
But tell the store runners move over, I want the big homie (Get at me)
This pu$$y tight, he like the way that lil’ joint grip on it (This pressure)
Ayy, this the sh!t that make you wanna leave your b!tch, don’t it?
(I know it, ooh-wee, she gon’ be sick)
Confidence through the roof (On God), they say I’m cocky, I just know I’m fine
Can’t go for nothin’ (Nathan), they a$$ gon’ have me f*cked up every time
Say I’m a ho? (Say what?) n!gga just mad ’cause he ain’t f*ck yet
Been in my DMs seven years and still ain’t had no luck yet (On gang)

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