Good Bones (English Translation) Lyrics – LE SSERAFIM

Good Bones (English Translation) Lyrics by LE SSERAFIM is brand new song sung by LE SSERAFIM and music of this latest song is given by 13. Good Bones (English Translation) song lyrics are also penned down by SCORE, Megatone, “hitman” Bang, HYBE.


Song: Good Bones (English Translation)
Music: 13
Lyrics: SCORE, Megatone, “hitman” Bang, HYBE
Album: EASY (2024)

Good Bones (English Translation) Lyrics

Are you upset that I seized another opportunity?
Are you mad that only I get lucky all the time?
Do you think the world is going easy only on us?
You think it’s okay to degrade someone
Just because they’re true to themselves?
*Are you saying that lucky people deserve to get run down?*
**Then, I’ll let you in on a little secret**

The world is fair – it’s ugly to everybody
We’re all gonna die eventually
And half of our life will be in pain
The other half depends on what we do

I realized this all too soon
The pain of facing that truth
At the-

Despite it all, my ambition and aspirations are unstoppable
We can’t see a second into the future
I’m giving myself the hardest time, don’t you?
But I will not submerge
Because I’ve made it look easy

Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it

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