I’m Tryna Sleep Lyrics – Chief Keef

I’m Tryna Sleep Lyrics by Chief Keef is brand new song sung by Chief Keef and music of this latest song is given by Chief Keef. I’m Tryna Sleep song lyrics are also penned down by Chief Keef.


Song: I’m Tryna Sleep
Singer: Chief Keef
Music: Chief Keef
Lyrics: Chief Keef
Album: Almighty So 2 (2024)

I’m Tryna Sleep Lyrics

(On foenem)
I just made a million last week
Stone brought his merch on Chief
(4NEM Radio, home of the Glory Gang)
It’s not a lease
On the rims, trick or treat
It’s not a treat
B!tch, I’m tryna sleep
B!tch, I’m tryna sleep (Sos’ baby)

I ain’t got cheese? I just made a million last week
Chief my lingo and now my Stone brought his merch on Chief
Leave out the dealer, paper in my hand, it’s not a lease
Black and orange Forgiatos on the rims, trick or treat
Say she wanna eat me, told that b!tch, “My d!ck is not a treat” (No)
B!tch loud as truck, my d!ck said, “Shut up, b!tch, I’m tryna sleep”
In the Hellcat, I told her, “Shut up, b!tch, I’m tryna creep”
I’m from the hood where we sending shots right down the street
I’m from the hood, we don’t use cars, we use feet
Welcome to the streets where if n!ggas can’t fight, they use heat
Wet a boy down, it’s gon’ be you and not we
Welcome to the streets, it can cost your life, it’s not cheap
Told that b!tch, “Give me fifty percent, I’ll turn you up”
I was lookin’ for a boss, baby, and there you was
Bae do whatever I say, that’s my kind of love (Go)
When I first met the bankroll, I said, “I’m in love” (Go)
Roll the gross up
I’ma lift my doors up
Go, go

It’s a new opp pack every time we roll the gross up
I’ll pull up to the hood and have them lift my doors up
You can throw your f*ckin’ salt, I’ll still get bread like cold cuts
Catch your a$$ up at the Moncler, then we’ll give you cold cuts
I’ll pull up in the Maybach, make my b!tch the chauffeur
Ah, b!tch, it’s ten years later, they still lovin’ Sosa
Pu$$y, is you with the feds? f*ck you takin’ notes for?
Ah, f*ck it, I’m the teacher, n!gga, you should’ve said somethin’
You’s a mother f*ckin’ deer and foenem out here head huntin’
N!gga said he f*cked my b!tch, I told his dumb a$$, “Which one?”
N!gga played with the Wock’ and now his dumb a$$ redrum
I’m so motherf*ckin’ GOATed, I should have a TED Talk
N!gga pulled up to the TED Talk, we made him spin off
N!gga laughed, now he cryin’, made him wipe his grin off
N!gga, it’s hot as f*ck outside, you know I’ll let my fan off
Pu$$y, and if you get skinned, dog, it knock you dread off
Baby, we breaking laws, we never had an in-law
N!gga fronted me some crack, I used my legs and ran off
Fast as Usain Bolt how that n!gga ran off
I got enough money to buy some sh!t to have a stand off (Hell yeah)

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