Jesus Skit Lyrics – Chief Keef

Jesus Skit Lyrics by Chief Keef is brand new song sung by Chief Keef and music of this latest song is given by Slowburnz, Chief Keef, Money Beats. Jesus Skit song lyrics are also penned down by Chief Keef, Michael Blackson, Money Beats, Slowburnz.


Song: Jesus Skit
Singer: Chief Keef
Music: Slowburnz, Chief Keef, Money Beats
Lyrics: Chief Keef, Michael Blackson, Money Beats, Slowburnz
Album: Almighty So 2 (2024)

Jesus Skit Lyrics

Kodak Blacker
Doo-doo under the bed
Fifty cent a day
Which one should be my rapper name?
(Foenem Radio, b!tch)
I also wanna give a shoutout to all them n!ggas
All them scammin’ n!ggas in Chicago
With those PPP loans
All y’all n!ggas are goin’ to jail
Time for n!gga news
To all my n!ggas out there, I have some good news for black people
Your reparations is on it’s way, my n!ggas
That’s right
Black n!ggas, we ’bout to get paid for being black
But unfortunately, the lighter you are, the less money you get
The following n!ggas:
Chris Brown
Vic Mensa
Chance the Rapper
NBA Youngboy
All them light-skinned n!ggas will get eight dollars each for reperations
By the time they get to the dark-skinned n!ggas, like me
Chief Keef, my n!gga Sosa
Kodak Black
Flava Flav
Lil Wayne
Rick Ross
All them dark n!ggas gon’ get fifty-five acres and two hundred million dollars each
All y’all light-skinned n!ggas, you gonna be broke, motherf*ckers
(Foenem Radio, b!tch)
F*ck everybody
Them n!ggas go so hard, I decided
I wanna sign with them n!ggas
I’m signing with f*ck everybody, I’m a new rapper in town, motherf*cka
Right now, I’m tryna figure out what my name should be
Help me get a name, this gon’ be my rapper name
Which name should I pick?
MC Night Night
Joe Limo Tint
2 a.m. Black
Just Black
Black As Sh!t
12:01, 12:04, 12:05
Those are all a.m’s
Straight out of Madagascar

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