La Güerita Lyrics English Translation – Grupo Marca Registrada

La Güerita Lyrics English Translation by Grupo Marca Registrada is brand new song sung by Grupo Marca Registrada and music of this latest song is given by Yahir de Jesus Bobadilla. La Güerita song lyrics are also penned down by Grupo Marca Registrada.


Song: La Güerita
Singer: Grupo Marca Registrada
Music: Yahir de Jesus Bobadilla
Lyrics: Grupo Marca Registrada
Album: THE GOAT (2024)

La Güerita Lyrics English Translation

Oh, blondie, how pretty you are
Just by looking at you, you make me fall in love
Honestly, I want to calm down now
It will be chaos if you fall in love

You make my heart tremble
Maybe words get in the way
But if you can give me a kiss
I’ll give you everything, I don’t care

And that dress looks beautiful on you
And with that neckline, you look dangerous
Everything in its place
That makes your waist even more appealing

You drive everyone crazy at the club
Your exclusivity makes me fall more in love
Let me play

It’s okay if you don’t answer me
I understand that you’re not interested
But if I manage to get through to you
Be careful, once I’m in, don’t let me go

I may be a player in the city
But for me, you’re the right one
In this life and twenty more
I would be the one who comforts you

And if someone approaches you, I’ll show up
It’s not because I’m jealous
But I’ll leave them in their place
You’re just for me

With every glance, I fall more in love
I paint myself with good mornings
I’ll even leave life behind
Come over here

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