Loitering Lyrics – LAZER DIM 700

Loitering Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is brand new song sung by LAZER DIM 700 and music of this latest song is given by ​goxan, Luck. Loitering song lyrics are also penned down by LAZER DIM 700.


Song: Loitering
Singer: LAZER DIM 700
Music: ​goxan, Luck
Lyrics: LAZER DIM 700

Loitering Lyrics

F**k, f**k, f**k
Ayy, what’s up? Ayy, what’s up?
I got lil’ goxan-I got lil’ goxan on a motherf**ker
Ayy, and shoutout lil’ Luck

N!gga know I brought my fire to the pent
Tell lil’ buddy run it up, now we lit
Blunt, weed, we got that ‘za in a trance
I ain’t seen none, I ain’t sayin’ sh!t
Shoot to kill, this that gang when it [?]
Sightseein’, only know [?] went
N!gga sit around thinkin’ bout what I spent
Thank you, thug, oh you thought Lil’ Lazer [?]
Play my card right, I won’t show you my hand
Roll my point back, and I pick up my scram
Head first, NFL, caught like a Ram
Step back when I hit, ain’t getting bammed
Too many blicks, n!gga, I ain’t getting blammed
Kicked out the spot, they be [?] cam
Got what you need in this b!tch, Draco ham
Free my lil’ boy, got them pills from the White dude
Look for that black, I’m avoiding my white shoes
Woke up somewhere, I just plot it all night, fool
Shoot the lil’ fire, give a f**k what you might do
Everybody pop it at night, we the night crew
He think he here ago, put on a tight suit
Dive in on a lick, finished that
When I touch down, ain’t gotta take the rental back
Seen you phase out, and you can’t even send it back
I double dine two Glocks in a mini bag
F**k the scoreboard, n!gga, up the scoreboard
Think he finna wipe out, the gang gon’ fort
N!gga think I ain’t having aim, oh Lord
I ain’t sitting in the studio, I be bored
F**k n!gga, get out my range, come towards
Get the fire hot, pass it out, it’s yours
Got on that za’, I went up a hundred floors
Put twin on, I just opened up the doors
Ain’t got no za’, I just hit up my [?]
You ain’t know none, you ain’t making no noise
Bring that load out, see who got more toys
N!gga better shoot, you ain’t got no choice
Hopped online when I seen you had no voice
You get shot down with that fire, that’s your choice
I ain’t paying sh!t, tryna send me a invoice
Got more lil’ [?], I got my lil’ [?]
I think some’ wrong with they whip, it wouldn’t start up
You can’t show love in the trench, put your heart up
That gang got hits, they was only good start up
They ain’t see who was behind the tent, I just parked up
I really think these n!ggas 12, n!gga knarked up
I really think these n!ggas 12, n!gga knarked up

F**k, f**k, f**k, f**k
Ayy, what’s up? Ayy, what’s up? Ayy, what’s up?

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