Love Golden Lyrics – Goldenboy Countup

Love Golden lyrics penned by GoldenBoy CountUp, music composed by GoldenBoy CountUp, and sung by GoldenBoy CountUp from album Love Golden (2021).


Song: Love Golden
Singer: GoldenBoy CountUp
Music: GoldenBoy CountUp
Lyrics: GoldenBoy CountUp
Album: Love Golden (2021)

Love Golden Lyrics

I know you tired of f*ckin’ with that lame-a$$ n!gga
He ain’t even no street n!gga
That n!gga cap
Uh, bae
Check me out, Golden
Uh, listen
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Bae, you shouldn’t want to be f*ckin’ with that lame n!gga
Central Florida n!ggas, b!tch, I’m posted with the same n!ggas
Mama said, “When you get some money, it’s gon’ change n!ggas”
Daddy said, “Son, move swift, you got fame, n!gga”
Slidin’ in that rental, tinted up, I got his b!tch with me
Bae, you love dope boys? Well, b!tch, I got a brick with me
When she bring her friends ’round, them hoes take pics with me
Her baby daddy weirder than a b!tch, I got that blick with me

Them b!tches love Golden
Them b!tches love Golden
Ayy, uh (Your favorite producer)

I ain’t gotta help her get a business, she already got a biz
I’ma take my b!tch to the trap, show her how I’m livin’
Come here, bae, just listen to me rap, show you how I’m feelin’
You a boss and I’m a boss, bae, we gon’ make a million
Last n!gga ain’t put you up on sh!t ’cause that n!gga stingy
Your baby daddy broker than a b!tch and that n!gga dingy
How the f*ck your pu$$y get so wet when you on the Henny?
You f*ckin’ with a big dog, bae, that lil’ n!gga mini

Them b!tches love Golden
Chicken Boy, them b!tches love Golden

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