No. 1 Headband Lyrics – Lupe Fiasco

No. 1 Headband Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco is brand new song sung by Lupe Fiasco and music of this latest song is given by Soundtrakk, Brian I. Brown, Kush Baby. No. 1 Headband song lyrics are also penned down by Lupe Fiasco.


Song: No. 1 Headband
Singer: Lupe Fiasco
Music: Soundtrakk, Brian I. Brown, Kush Baby
Lyrics: Lupe Fiasco
Album: Samurai (2024)

No. 1 Headband Lyrics

All I want is a little bit of *scatting*
And they say, all that I want is a little bit of

It’s the way of the warrior, wading the waters of waters for crystal clear
Lyrical smears, piercing the ears, like Mike
Like mics pointed at monitors, receivin’ fever like a thermometer
We burnin’, well turn it back, like thermostats
Burnin’ like Mississippi and furnaces and thermoses and gats
Right after brats, right after that
We be coolin’, jump back in the pool and, “Samurai, how are you doin’?”

I’ll be the one that you
I’mma be the one that you

Turn letters to rhetoric, turnin’ feathers to fetishes, dispersin’ treasure
Like turkeys in the ghetto, gather ’round you receptors
Come and look inside of these walls like metal detectors
If they could talk, they’d probably say it’s soft
They is just my thoughts go off, even when it’s off, but never caught
How Sway? How Ye?
Trial day, know exactly just what I’ll say
When they ask whatever, I’ll say, no idea
Can you approach the bench with no Ikea to build your case?
Feelin’ safe but still escape, a chilling place
Around a bunch of sinners, who feelin’ great
Or ’round a bunch of n!ggas who innovate, to grill a state
Gentrify different sides like Geminis
Energise like the Starship Enterprise

I’mma be the one that you
Yeah, I’mma be the one that you
I’mma be the one that you

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