NOW Lyrics – Rapallo

NOW Lyrics by Rapallo is brand new song sung by Rapallo and music of this latest song is given by Rapallo. NOW song lyrics are also penned down by Rapallo.

NOW song lyrics

Song: NOW
Singer: Rapallo
Music: Rapallo
Lyrics: Rapallo

NOW Lyrics

The moments now
The moments now

Sippin bone broth
Yea so high
No why, just so high
Not sober, I don’t wanna be sober
I wanna escape
Yea I wanna get it
Wanna put my head down
Don’t wanna look past it
Yea baby feel it
Yea bootleg baby
Now don’t go crazy
Just f*cking commit
Yea execute it
Yea inspire me
Say it I mean it
Yea now I’m swaggin out
Yea I’m too posi
Yea it’s too pure
Now come closer
If you feel it
I’ll go crazy
Yea I’m feeling shit..

The moments now
The moments now
The moments now

Ok Noddy ain’t it phresh how the moments now
When I’m with Sidney no frowns
Knight her into LazyTown
We smoking out the pound
Wanna sleep but the pack to loud
They know I stay so posi
Cause I like to get busy get down
She cool she safe she sound
Wake up get to it get proud
Do not question how
By now you know the time ..

The moments now
The moments now
The moments now

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