Pray For Benzino Lyrics – Ca$his

Pray For Benzino Lyrics by Ca$his is brand new song sung by Ca$his and music of this latest song is given by Rikanatti. Pray For Benzino song lyrics are also penned down by Ca$his, Rikanatti.


Song: Pray For Benzino
Singer: Ca$his
Music: Rikanatti
Lyrics: Ca$his, Rikanatti

Pray For Benzino Lyrics

227 till I 187 (Yeah)
B!tch I’m from tha 9, yo hood ain’t no realer (f*ck)

(Look) It’s a land fire
I’m murkin’ this black quagmire
This goofy still alive, what the f*ck is you?
A vampire?
Whack yo name out, find yo ghost writer
And blam guy
Shoutout to tha Goyas (Ey)
I can afford to send them bandz out (Hey!)
G like a Hoya n!gga
Wanna know ’bout Ca$his? (Ca$his)
I was 74 ‘n 714 ‘n plug with real n!ggas
Like glasses (Malone), uh
Linked with Crook when he was with Suge
And I was strapped up, me and Eastwood
Punkin’ pu$$y n!ggas when they act up
Like u, Raymond n!gga
U don’t have a clue ’bout gang bangin’ (No)
U been shot, I’ve been grazed n!gga (Oouu)
I don’ put bad mans off in they grave
This is true
Brains poppin’ out they cranium like Jades
When they bloom n!gga
I take Chainz off, lame n!ggas too (Whoo)
N!gga, I’m from 78th ‘n Langley
What yo lame ass gon’ do, n!gga? (What?)
I’m bogish and it’s known Lon City’s soul ‘n em (You know)
This dwarf is just a troll and he know he a hoe, n!gga (We know)
U cryin’ to Police, the plot is gettin’ thicker (What)
U showering at Red Roof, wit’ a n!gga (Damn)
B!tch, back off of my motherf*ckin’ d!ck (Biatch)
U a runt sized punk
U stand up to gobble glizz (Biatch)
I could go mask up and rotate until u dead (Biatch)
In gun formation, we throwin’ K’s at yo head
I wasn’t involved
Don’t try to reach out to Em or Paul (nah)
It ain’t callin’ em off

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