Robbery 7 Lyrics – Tee Grizzley

Robbery 7 Lyrics by Tee Grizzley is brand new song sung by Tee Grizzley and music of this latest song is given by Tee Grizzley. Robbery 7 song lyrics are also penned down by Tee Grizzley.


Song: Robbery 7
Singer: Tee Grizzley
Music: Tee Grizzley
Lyrics: Tee Grizzley

Robbery 7 Lyrics

Bright white, never seen these lights
I know what this is, so I’m thinkin’, “It’s been one hell of a life”
Ain’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but I did alright
Wish I could hug the people that love me, could’ve did sh!t right
I see the white gates, will they let me in? Do I deserve it?
Another bright light get close to me, but it didn’t burn me
It know what I’m thinkin’, it said, “Why you don’t think you worthy?
No matter your sins, God got unlimited love and mercy
You a part of that love no matter what you did, you one of his
Just think about it, no matter how bad, would you do that to your kids?
And your love and patience ain’t nothin’ like his, God forgives”
I felt the embrace, it’s been a minute since I dropped tears
I’m like, “What about all them shootings? What about all them n!ggas that died?
All the hurt I put they family heart, all the fear I put in they eyes”
Said, “Everything gon’ make sense, just not right now
You came close, but you ain’t die, it’s not your time”

Laid up in the ‘spital, damn, I shouldn’t underestimate the enemy (f**k)
Medication kickin’ in, dozed off again, I ain’t got no energy (Ah)
Hoopin’ with some real killers, n!ggas slid to the crib, tried to finish me (Damn)
Seein’ old girl movin’ crazy, I ain’t gotta ask how they get to me (B!tch)
The bros and them, they on demon time, hoppin’ out of strikers with the straps out (What up?)
Any n!gga out here claimin’ that catch hollow tip ’til they tap out (Bah, bah)
Can’t say I don’t understand, might sound crazy, but I feel them (I feel them n!ggas)
Know I would’ve did the same thing and forever thought a n!gga killed them (Gon’ kill them n!ggas)
Nurse come in like, “Y’all gotta clear it out, let him get his rest” (Get out)
Will and Johnny like, “We gon’ hold it down for you, big bro, don’t even stress” (You know what it is)
Nurse b!tch start sweet talkin’ (Yeah), and tryna cop a feel too (Yeah)
She say, “You hurt, but I got somethin’ up in my panties that’ll heal you (Oh yeah)
Drugs kickin’ in, she must think I’m free game, why she talkin’ like that? (Why she talkin’ like that?)
Turn around, ass fat as hell, bendin’ over, why she walkin’ like that? (Why she walkin’ like that?)
Steady havin’ all these nightmares ’bout them pu$$y n!ggas shootin’ through the door (f**k)
Boys couldn’t get the job done, scary-ass n!ggas should’ve threw some more (pu$$y)
I’ll never trust a b!tch again (Uh-uh)
Never endin’ up like this again (Uh-uh)
Main focus get money, I’m knowin’ she took everything that was in the crib (sh!t)
I’ll never trust a b!tch again (Uh-uh)
Never endin’ up like this again (Uh-uh)
Tried to get me iced in the crib, boy, I better not ever see that b!tch again
Me and nurse been choppin’ it up
Long story short, she f**kin’ the plug
She tryna help me run this sh!t up
I’m focused, I been in trouble enough
That’ll be love you put that together
I get out here and I’m ready whenever
Sh!t, we go in business together
Sh!t, I’m tryna drop a new bezel
Month later, I was out of there
Girlie came and got me, my location shared (Pull up)
If she try to play me, she gon’ need a prayer
Four-nick’ tucked in my underwear (Baow)
She like, “Let’s go the crib first and wake up the neighbors” (Oh yeah)
I’m like, “Nah, I put my money first, all that other sh!t can come later” (You trippin’)
She like, “Oh, you put your money first?”
I’m like, “Nah, I put loyalty first”
She like, “I was just makin’ sure you was on point, you know n!ggas die over thirst” (What?)
I know n!ggas get side tracked about some pu$$y, but don’t try that with me, it won’t work (At all)
Matter of fact, my wounds hurt, go ahead and throw me some Percs (Let me get them)
And tell me about this plug (Show me this plug)
Tell me about these drugs (Sell me some drugs)
Tell me what you gettin’ out all this sh!t, what’s my cut? (What kind of deal is this?)
You cool and all, but I’m here to this pape’, don’t get this sh!t f**ked up (Don’t get it f**ked up)
She like, “You had it rough and you a real n!gga, I wanna see you up” (We gon’ see)
We pull up to his crib, she call his phone, we park right by the curb
He come outside with two n!ggas and they strapped, but I am not concerned
I hop out, I’m like, “What’s the word?”
Introduce myself, he like, “I heard
I need you on my team, bro, what can you do with fifty birds?”

Heard about your situation, you know what I’m sayin’?
Heard about you gettin’ life, givin’ that time back
That b!tch gon’ get what she deserve too
Oh yeah, my name Dee, take my number down

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