SC-9 (La Chimichanga) Lyrics English Translation – Yahir Saldivar

SC-9 (La Chimichanga) Lyrics English Translation by Yahir Saldivar is brand new song sung by Yahir Saldivar and music of this latest song is given by Yahir Saldivar. SC-9 (La Chimichanga) song lyrics are also penned down by Carlos Arturo Ayala Moreno.


Song: SC-9 (La Chimichanga)
Singer: Yahir Saldivar
Music: Yahir Saldivar
Lyrics: Carlos Arturo Ayala Moreno

SC-9 (La Chimichanga) Lyrics English Translation

SC-9 – Yahir Saldivar
I’m patrolling and in a spot they look at me
The chimichanga I have my sheaf
I’m a scorpion 9 for my entire race
Handcrafted and armor does not pass through
That I am working and that I am enjoying it
Affirmative that is what I work for
I am in charge of the 100-50
The Federal cart Vicky I am in charge here
With a potato launcher I am excited
And a little pass to ride well activated
A drink of whiskey to have a party
Change of trucks, I have a variety of cars
A disco horn always accompanies me
Let them see the power we bring in the morning
For Benjamin Gaona I close the plaza
3-4 days, which lasted in the party
(And of course, with a lot of respect)
(Scorpion 9, the chimichanga)

I have plenty of support from bosses
Through those gaps you look at the armored vehicles
The little green light goes here in the mirror
And if there is a bump, they know that 9 goes first
Permission, permission if you like peak at the radio
Let the shots that are everywhere hit them
A general hundred for all the boys
To walk carefully without being hit by the guachos
My people coordinate and take care of my steps
And he entrusts me when I get work
38 Super girdle here I have
Gold chain and relaxed slave
Sports car to go ahead and I don’t stop
And my run of altered commands
(I am the chimichanga and I have something very clear)
(I am the 9 and a scorpion, I am in charge)
(And of course)

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