The Blue-Eyed Devil Lyrics – Highly Suspect

The Blue-Eyed Devil Lyrics by Highly Suspect is brand new song sung by Highly Suspect and music of this latest song is given by Highly Suspect. The Blue-Eyed Devil song lyrics are also penned down by Johnny Stevens.


Song: The Blue-Eyed Devil
Singer: Highly Suspect
Music: Highly Suspect
Lyrics: Johnny Stevens
Album: As Above, So Below (2024)

The Blue-Eyed Devil Lyrics

Tell your momma that you ain’t coming home
Cause you just met f**king Indiana Jones
The blue-eyed devil, the blond Al Capone
And you get to tell your sister that you’re no longer alone

We gon’ ride
Yeah we gon’ ride
All night long
All night long

(Now, listen)
You get sad
Well, I get sad too
Cause girl, we’re f**king crazy
And ain’t nothing we can do
They see every color, we see fifty shades of blue
And I know you wanna save me
But I would rather shoot the cue

We gon’ ride
Ride it together now
All night long
All night long
(Talk to ’em Richie)

Something is changing
I have lost my whole mind
I’ve been a stranger to myself
I’ve been so unkind
And I can’t deal
So, so let me keep it real

Down by the river
Do you remember what you said?
I’m talking to you now, father
You told me you consider me dead
And that’s when I lost my soul
I burned out too soon
Now nothing matters anymore
I just miss her
And damn I miss you

Oh, oh

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